It’s all happening!

Well, I was kind of blah for a while there, getting back to work, figuring it out, but the weight has been steadily dropping, slow but sure. I’m out of my size 24 and 22 clothes and wearing 18s and 20s. I went to a support group where they had a ‘Bitch and Switch’ as my sister Dee calls it. I brought in two huge TJ Maxx bags of slacks, shirts, jackets and a couple of winter coats. Two minutes after the meeting was over and the switch began, the clothes and coats were gone. Zoom! I was able to sneak out a pair of size 16, tax straight leg courderoy pants for myself. I’m forever hopeful.
At the meeting we learned how to figure out the nutritional value from any recipe, or even ones we make up ourselves. That was a little fun with math. The speaker was extremely monotone and lately I have so much energy that I couldn’t stay in my seat and listen properly. My bad! He was kind enough to do a cooking demo using substitions and made spaghetti with alfredo sauce. He used spaghetti squash for the pasta and created an alfredo sauce with cauliflower. It was interesting, but not one of my favorites, like white bean chicken chili, or pat’s home made chicken soup that tastes like Thanksgiving because it has turnip and carrot and parsnips in it. I ate my last cup of chili, so I’ll be making more this weekend for the freezer. If anyone wants some, just stop on by or give me a call.
I go see Emily (nutritionist) this afternoon and I’m not really sure what to ask her, apart from a question that Pat had for her. I guess I want to know how much I should be eating, how much sugar content is okay in foods like yogurt, any hints she can give me for getting all the water in each day. I’m having trouble with the water. Evening vitamins too, but my darling Ric has offered to help me remember to take them. I’d consider this nagging, but I did it to him, so now he can do it to me and I really appreciate it since I’m such a ninny about that lately.
I feel great lately and I wish you could all know this euphoria of not being hungry, or sad, or mad. I didn’t realize how much food issues were bringing me down until I didn’t have to deal with the feelings about it any more. Now I cook (by choice mind you) delicious healthy food (I even use recipes). Even Ric likes my pumpkin muffins, and he’s a pretty fussy eater when it comes to things to have with his coffee. Of course, I can’t have mine WITH coffee, but I find it goes well with a wedge of cinnamon laughing cow light cheese. How wonderful that they’ve come out with all those great new flavors of laughing cow wedges. Thanks Emily for turning me on to those!
So, we’ve had our first snow and I found out I need new windshield wipers before the next one…driving to Providence in the dark with the slushy snow on the highway was a study in terror. It was worth it to put all those clothes to good use and learn some new techniques for breaking down nutritional information in food.
Dee Dee, those pants you got me are fabulous, but I don’t think they’ll fit for long. I’ll have to come see you to go shopping soon. You’re my style guru. I still haven’t worn the belt, but I did wear the other pants as well and the shirt a couple of times. I’ll have to work up my nerve for the belt.
My trainer (yep) at the gym said I need to swim since I can’t really do the weight training on the leg equipment right now. I pulled or tore my hamstring picking up sticks in the yard. I don’t think I’m brave enough to put on a bathing suit, but maybe. I keep it in my gym bag just in case inspiration hits me or I can make it to an H2O-robics class.
Finally, I’ll leave you with this morning’s scale reading of 238. It may not seem like much, considering how much I have to lose, but it’s a miracle for me!
Stay well, make it to some friendly holiday events and call me.

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26 days post-op October 28th, 2012

I had a lovely weekend with my sister and brother-in-law on the cape. We explored a few little towns, stayed overnight in Chatham and enjoyed each other’s company.  I definitely need to learn how to be social again with the new pouch rules. No drinking, basically no eating or bringing my own, or getting half a cup of soup, stuff like that. I can see where shopping can be a replacement addiction, and with my history, there will be no drinking either. We did lots of walking, but my weight has stubbornly refused to move more than 1 or 2 pounds this week. Ah well, slow but steady wins the race, right? I should be happy it’s not gaining and I’m not hungry.

Time to go pack my bag for work tomorrow…that’s right, back to work already. Not sure how I’ll handle it, but perhaps hurricane sandy will take care of that for me and require me to spend a little more time at home. I have plenty of soup in the cupboard and there’s always tunafish and cereal, bottled water and protein shakes too. That’s my hurricane plan in case of power failure. What do you think?

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22 days post-op October 24, 2012

Great support group meeting last night. We talked about the importance of exercise and how to fit it into your day even if you just do it at your desk at work, or can’t really move much. I walked 3+ miles yesterday so I think I’m doing okay but soon I’ll need to add in some strength training. They talk about working out for an hour a day, every day. Really? Does everyone do this? 

The days are getting shorter, and that means less sunlight, so I’ll have to take my walks during lunch when the weather permits. I need the extra sunshine to stay positive. Does anyone else feel the inclement weather brings their mood down, but sunshine makes them happy inside as well as cheery outside? 

I’m going to try to make myself  cheery outside, no matter what the weather is doing. Because as we all know, happiness starts from within ourselves and works its way out with a smile. 

Smiles to you today!

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21 days post-op October 23, 2012

Another fabulous day outside! Just finishing up some paperwork, going to have a shake and head out for the beach (to walk of course, because the mid 50’s is not my idea of the time to swim).  Before you know it winter will be upon us and the beach walking will be at a minimum.  Can’t wait for my sister, Dee, to get here so we can walk and chat together.

I’ve been running into some food issues, in that I don’t seem to have a full feeling when I eat, but then again, I don’t press the issue either. I just eat what’s on the prescribed menu. I’m so glad that I’m not hungry, but it does make me worry for when I become hungry later on next year.  Also, I noticed that the menus provided to me contradict the doctor’s orders to get in 60 g of protein a day.  I’ve just been making up the difference with protein shakes, but that means I can’t get in enough water because I have to space out meals, snacks, etc. by no less than 1/2 hour.  My nutritionist, Emily, is looking up the answers for me, bless her!

Feeling good today, so I may try to get in some gardening…a little.  Then I have a WLS support group meeting tonight and the theme is exercise. Should be interesting; I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay well, think quick, smile!

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19 days post-op, Sunday, October 21 2012

George Benson was wonderful last night.  Didn’t care for the keyboard ‘band leader’ much at first, but he got better when George started to sing instead of just wanking on his guitar (which was also pretty wonderful until the end of each song.)  Lots of walking at the casino, but nothing like the daytime walks.  I’d done a couple of miles in the morning, then about 1.5 in the afternoon walking partway home from the food truck event (bless Ric for picking me up and not making me walk all the way home).

Ric and I went to Chili’s with our friends for dinner and I had mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli for dinner.  Pat didn’t understand why I didn’t wrap the remainder to bring home so I had to remind her that it may be 3 or 4 days before I can have either again. Besides, re-heated broccoli is stinky and not wonderful re-heated. Anyhow, it was heaven to have hot food I didn’t have to cook for myself and eat at a table with other adults who didn’t judge me for what I was or wasn’t eating.  Sorry Emily, I’m never going to WANT to cook for myself. I’ll always just do it to survive, or because I want to cook for my family and friends. I’ve decided that hubby cooks very well (now that he’s been forced to cook for himself) and he can just keep doing that for himself for faking me out these past 32 years. I love you Ric, but apart from me cooking for everyone when we have guests, you’re on your own love.  Maybe I’ll that to that a little over the next 32 years, who knows.

I had a fruit cup in light syrup for snack this morning and it isn’t sitting well with me. I’m going to try to drink water and flush it out of my system, and give the fruit cups away cuz they’re a no go for me.  I definitely see why they say try foods one at a time.  I think there may have just been too much sugar in them. 

I will be home today pulling apart seams and re-stitching my daughter Heather’s bridesmaid dress. The zipper is screwed up, the seams are puckering and need to be pressed open and worst of all, it’s a silky satiny material that hates to be sewn. Hope I can get the settings right on the machine!  Heather, next time just buy a damn dress please!

I’m feeling guilty about not going right back to work but they wanted me to take off until November 5th, and I told them the 28th was better.  How soon did YOU get back to work after your surgery?


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It’s a beautiful morning, think I’ll go outside for a while and just smile

Today I was able to go out for a walk and I’m always surprised by how good it makes me feel. Just about 2 miles today (the other day I did 3.5) and it felt great. I’ll have to remember that when I pick a route, I’ll need a bathroom break somewhere around 1.5 miles, so no hiking into the woods just yet on a well traveled trail, or I could be spotted mooning the other hikers. Other than that, I feel great! Taking my vitamins, trying to get all 64 oz. of water in, though I’m not sure I do each day.  I’m keeping with the prescribed diet, but must say I’m getting a little sick of plain cottage cheese, so I’ve invested in some low fat with chives. Also, those little red containers don’t quite have 1/2 cup, so I’ve been cheating myself of nutrition.  From now on I’ll get the bigger cartons and measure it out myself. Measuring has been very helpful, because I don’t get that full feeling I’m supposed to, though I’m not hungry either.  The doc assures me that everyone’s pouch is exactly the same size, so I’m no different than anyone else, just that I have no strictures and I should be thankful for that. Okay I am. No tossing my cookies, no dumping, no problems. Even the pulling feeling from inside when I bend over has subsided for the most part. I’m still just adding in foods slowly, one by one and no more than 1/2 or 1 cup (soup) at  time. Can someone tell me why sometimes I can have 1 cup and other meals 1/2 cup? It’s confusing to me. 

We’re off to see George Benson tonight at Twin Rivers. Hopefully they don’t allow smoking in the theater. It’s bad enough you have to pass through the casino…icky! I’m excited to hear George though, should be great! 

Heather is here to take me to the food truck event… I know, more food, but I want to see what it’s all about! I have a bottle of water and the need to get out of the house, so this is a good excuse. If I’m all done when they aren’t, I can always walk home! 

I hope you all have a great day!

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Freaking Stalled Already!

Well, it’s official, I’m stalled. Those of you who know me, know that I never do anything the easy way, and evidently this is just another example of that. I went through the pain and life altering experience of gastric bypass surgery only to find that after a couple of weeks I’ve lost 6-7 pounds from when I went in. Indeed, I’ve lost and regained that same last 2 pounds every day for the last 4. I have no choice but to stick it out now, so I guess that’s something. I’m not hungry, so that’s good too.
I took a lovely 1.5 mile walk yesterday at Sachuest reserve and plan to take another this morning. I need to learn to put my nano on with the fitness ap so I can track how far I’ve walked because I’m trying to get up to a 3K walk on November 2. I know I’ll likely be the slowest walker, but it will feel good to participate and make Sarah Lynn happy that she’s not doing it alone, even though she’ll be running the 5K in likely half the time it takes me to walk the 3K. Baby steps I guess, but I think that’s pretty good exactly 1 month after surgery!
I’m wishing I could start getting rid of some fatter clothes and move into less fat clothes, but perhaps by Thanksgiving. Kinda puts a new spin on that day, huh? Sarah is signing us up for the run/walk on Thanksgiving too. It’s the Pie Run/Walk event they do for the local food bank. Good cause, great reason to walk. I plan on making my collected TShirts into shopping bags I can bleach in the washing machine. Let me know if you want the how-to on that project.
I’m seeing my nutritionist this afternoon, so look out Emily. I’ll try to bring my happy face and tell you how much I enjoy cream of wheat and ask you if I can have it for breakfast more often than once a week.
I fixed fish last night for dinner before running out the door for a meeting. It was delicious! I really haven’t cooked fish much for the 32 years we’ve been married because it stinks up the house, but screw it. I like fish and I’m going to eat it several times a week. I’ll just have to learn how to get rid of the fish stink quickly. Maybe Emily has some advice on that one. I am as always curious why some days I can have a cup of food at a meal, and other 1/2 cup. Is it calories, protein, overall daily food content? I want pudding more often, not jello. Jello sucks.

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